What is PL/.NET

PL/.NET, also known as pldotnet is a powerful and free add-on module that enhances the functionality of PostgreSQL™️ by integrating Microsoft's .NET framework. It enables developers to use C# and F#, two popular programming languages, as loadable procedural languages, allowing them to create stored procedures and triggers on the .NET platform. The development of PL.NET was led by the team at Brick Abode and was officially released in January 2023.

With PL.NET, developers can write code directly in the database using the .NET framework's robust application development environment, providing them with the full benefits of the .NET framework. One of the major advantages of PL.NET is its ability to perform complex operations in the database, making it more efficient and effective than other external procedural languages. It is an excellent option for developers who are looking to extend the capabilities of their PostgreSQL database while taking advantage of the latest technologies.


You can download the latest version of the PL/.NET whitepaper by clicking this link.